Toys to take on Holidays

Toys to take on Holidays

Last year was the summer of staycations and this year, whilst the number of vaccinations is optimistically increasing, more and more people have the option of vacationing within the emerald isle or even further afield.

Wherever it is you’re planning on going with your family, The Toy Shop has a tailor-made list of toys sure to bring an endless amount of fun to your kiddies, and even you! Check out the list below and get ready to plan your trip!

Aerobie Pro Ring

The Aerobie Frisbee, suitable for those 12 years old and above is a high-performance flying disc, engineered for optimum fun! This disc was used to set a world record throw of an astounding 406 meters! This thin, aero-dynamic, 14-inch ring allows it to travel impressive distances as it glides through the air. The open center of the ring aids the users in both catching and throwing, allowing them to use it and manipulate it in several unique ways. To find the Aerobie Pro Ring on our website, click here.

Variations in the Aerobie product line also come in the form of an Orbiter Boomerang (€11.95) and a Rocket Football (€12.95).


Dr. Zigs Bubble Travel Kit

Dr Zigs Bubble

Perfect to occupy your little ones and specifically made for those traveling, Dr. Zigs have come up with a travel-pack version of their famous product, suitable for all forms of hand-baggage.

Not to be confused with their normal-sized counterparts, the travel-sized products still pack a lot of potencies, making it the ideal product to make your jumbo bubbles anywhere on your travels.

To avail of the travel-pack bubble kit, click here. Equally, click the Giant Bubble Kit (€24.95) or the Giant Bubbles Jumbo Kit (€47.95) to avail of other products in the Dr. Zigs range.


Hape – Beach Basics

Beach Toys

Perfect for a beach-themed holiday, the Hape Beach Basics bundle comes with a shovel, bucket, rake, and strainer. Everything you need to make the most creative of sandcastles, all for the affordable price of just €6. To purchase your beach basics bundle, click here.

Aside from their beach basics, Hape has a host of other beach themed toys, such as their Taj Mahal Sand Castle Mould (€2.95), a Red Power Paw to help you dig in the sand (€4.50), as well as a variety of Travel Sand Moulds (€3.00).


Legami – Maxi Pool Ring

Maxi Pool Ring

For your relaxing poolside holiday, you need the Legami Maxi Pool Ring.

You and yours can chill out poolside or have a blast playing and even diving through these large inflatable rings. The perfect item to take in your luggage, the pool ring deflates and once folded, is just a fraction of its original size. Taking up a minimal amount of space! Handles on either side of the ring offer increased stability. Within the pack there is a self-adhesive patch should there be holes that need repairing.

To get your Maxi Pool Ring today, click here.

Also available from the makers of Legami and ideal for a pool-oriented holiday are the travel rackets, perfect for the pool or the beach! These rackets will guarantee both collaborative and competitive fun between kids and parents alike. The Legami Travel Rackets can be found here for the affordable price of €13.95.




Spikeball is the viral sensation that has been played on college campuses across the world! It is suitable for all terrains and works just as well on backyard lawns as it does at the beach.

The game comes with the set, 3 balls, a drawstring bag, and a rule book.

It’s the perfect game to get your family or friends moving. Play as casually or competitively as you please, Spikeball guarantees fun for all the family! To get yours, click here.

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