The Top 5 Educational STEM Toys For Kids 5 And Over

The Top 5 Educational STEM Toys For Kids 5 And Over

1. Pinball Science

Pinball Science is a hands-on opportunity for children to build their very own pinball machine and then learn about basic science from its workings. This cool handbook is packed with engaging graphics helps young scientists come to grips with fundamental concepts like gravity, force, and acceleration.

Chapters including “Uphill and Downhill”, “Flipping Levers”, and “Simple Machines” open up the world of science in a different and interesting way. Pinball Science is a must-have; a fun package for both budding scientists and games fans everywhere!

Pinball Science – Everything That Matters About Matter

2. Look Inside Science

This is a re-sized edition of the original flap book that introduces the fascinating world of science in a simple and engaging way for younger readers. It is full of surprises to keep enquiring minds entertained, including flaps beneath flaps. It includes basic science topics from how plants grow to astronomy and forces. Each double-page includes simple practical experiments for children to try themselves.

Look Inside Science

3. Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers About Science

Questions and Answers About Science is an interactive book with over 60 flaps revealing answers to all kinds of questions about science. Children can lift the flaps to discover the answers to questions such as How do bodies grow? Why do astronauts float? Where does lightning strike? and lots more. Includes links to carefully selected websites with even more answers to simple science questions.

Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers About Science

4. Build the Rocket

Build the Rocket takes young explorers out of this world to discover the thrilling science of rocket building. Budding space enthusiasts have fun while learning, examining spacecraft through colorful illustrations and fascinating facts about rockets. Finally, everything needed to build a model rocket from the ground up is included, ready to assemble at home or to take on the go. Launch into the world of space exploration while learning about these amazing shuttles.

Build The Rocket – Build It

5. Body Lab

A young science kit to encourage early STEM learning and scientific thinking while having fun! Listen to a heartbeat, measure the air in your lungs, discover hair strength and analyse fingerprints!

Body Lab



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