The Benefits of Wooden Toys

The Benefits of Wooden Toys

Nowadays, everyone is looking for new and creative ways to improve their environmental footprint. This can involve reducing single-use plastic, driving less, or recycling responsibly. But what if I told you that you can also become more sustainable by choosing carefully what toys you purchase for children? Wooden toys that are made from a sustainable source are much more environmentally friendly than plastic toys. Not only are wooden toys good for the environment, but they also have many more benefits for you and your child. Here are some of the benefits of wooden toys.


Ensuring that toys are safe is hugely important, especially for little ones that tend to aim everything towards their mouth. It’s true that wooden toys are much safer than plastic toys! This is because plastic toys can break easily, leaving sharp edges which could cause injury. Wooden toys on the other hand are much more difficult to break, which means that they are a safer go-to choice for young children.

Environmentally Friendly 

As previously mentioned, wooden toys are far more environmentally friendly than plastic toys. Plastic waste is a huge environmental issue. While most of the plastic waste comes from single-use plastic bottles, other wasted plastic can contribute to the worldwide issue such as broken toys or wasted materials from plastic toys can.


Inevitably, toys will be dragged through the roughest of situations by their young owners. Whether this involves being left out in the rain or thrown around the garden, or left in random places around the house. You can’t blame the children for acting recklessly, but you can buy toys that suit this reckless behavior. While plastic toys are brittle and can break easily, wooden toys are far more equipped for wear and tear and last longer than plastic toys.

Cheaper in the Long Run

Because wooden toys are more durable and long-lasting, they will cause less of a dent in your wallet in the long run! While the upfront cost might seem like more in the beginning, it will work out cheaper than having to buy another plastic toy every time one breaks or having to continuously buy batteries for a toy. 

Promote Creative Play

The benefits listed so far have mostly been geared towards benefits for the parents. But how can wooden toys benefit children? One of the primary benefits of wooden toys is that it encourages creative play among children. It requires them to use their imagination to play. In today’s digital age there are so many different toys for kids to choose from that have special features including voice commands or electronic features that direct a child on what to do. However, creative play is essential for a child’s development. Because wooden toys tend to be more simply made, it allows children to use their reasoning skills to discover what sort of play fits. This type of creative play can provoke various types of intelligence in a child such as emotional and thinking skills.



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