The 5 Best STEM Toys for Kids

The 5 Best STEM Toys for Kids

Parents nowadays are constantly looking for new ways to build their child’s STEM skills outside of the classroom, and what better way to develop these skills than through toys and games! For those who don’t know what STEM skills are, it revolves around a curriculum based on educating kids around science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. While STEM has evidently become hugely popular in kids’ toys and games, the growing market also means that retailers will try to capitalise on this. So, we have compiled a list of the top 5 STEM toys and games for your little ones.

1. Marble Run

Galt Toys Inc Super Marble Run

While this may be the oldest STEM activity for children, it is most certainly not the least! Marble run offers a hands-on learning experience to design, build and test marble runs. Not only is Marble Run a fun experience for kids, but it is also teaching them the basics of physics and the fundamental concepts of engineering in a practical way! Marble Run can also differ in piece number, so if you are looking for a smaller, easier run you can purchase a 30 piece box set or if you are looking for a more advanced set for a group of kids, there is a 100 piece box set available also.

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2. Frightful First Experiments

Frightful First Experiments

The Frightful First Experiments is another great kit for young scientists to build their STEM skills. This kit allows kids to discover how to stack lively liquids, perform eye-popping illusions and make your breakfast fly. With this fun STEM kit your kids can find out how to mix up mad molecules and learn about the shocking power of static electricity!

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3. Swish


ThinkFun’s First Transparent Card Game Swish is a spatial card game that challenges you to be the first to make matches, or “Swishes.” Swishes are made by stacking as few as two or as many as 12 cards so that every ball swishes into a hoop of the same color. The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins. Various levels of play make this card game addictively fun for all ages! This card game enhances skills in visual perception and encourages children to think fast.

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4. Rainbow Lab

rainbow lab

A young science kit to encourage early STEM learning and scientific thinking while having fun! With this STEM kit, kids can experiment with colour mixing, grow amazing jelly-like crystals and create a rainbow in a test tube! 

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5. Body Lab

body lab

The body lab is a science kit for youngsters to encourage early STEM learning and scientific thinking while having fun! Listen to a heartbeat, measure the air in your lungs, and test muscle memory! This STEM kit allows kids to discover the strength of hair, analyse fingerprints and explore good and bad bacteria on your skin! This is the perfect STEM activity for young scientists, which was also named winner of the 2019 Progressive Preschool Award for Best Preschool STEM Range.

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