Summer Holidays Travel Toys

Summer Holidays Travel Toys

That time of year where schools are out for the summer is well and truly upon us. The kids are off for the summer and the weather has perked up, which often means that a family holiday is most likely on the cards. The best travel toys can make the difference between a smooth family holiday and a long journey you’d rather forget. So how to prepare for a great flight and holiday? Experience has taught us to bring toys that:

1. Have few (or no) extra pieces. We want the time spent playing not searching for little pieces on the dirty airplane floor.

2. Pack easily and don’t take up too much room

3. Will hold attention and are reusable (for the flight and some dinners out on holidays

Here are 3 of our best-suited travel toys:
Galt Water Magic Pads

Water Wow! SafariThe pens on these magic pads are filled with water, these are perfect for mess-free fun and are even better because they’re reusable! With a refillable pen, kids can colour and play over and over with these activity pads. There’s no risk of colouring on surfaces that shouldn’t be coloured on. The activity pads are educational, entertaining and fun.

Usborne Sticker books

Pirate Sticker BookOpening a book can help one get lost in another world, another dimension, and experience adventures you never thought possible. So what happens when you combine fun stories with super-cool stickers? You end up with awesome kids sticker books – of which we have plenty! Usborne sticker books are designed to be informative as well as engaging – and there’s something for everyone, with topics ranging from holidays, pirates, dinosaurs, unicorns, sports to princess and mermaids. With 250 stickers in each book and a selection of play scenes, the kids will be entertained for hours (literally). Perfect for kids 8+, Usborne sticker books are designed to be informative as well as engaging.

Amaze (Thinkfun)

Think Fun Amaze

Thinkfun is one of our favourite brands of toys, Toys that make you think.  Amaze is an innovative twist on a classic maze game, with 16 unique challenges and no pieces to lose its the ideal travel game. A maze that changes every time you play! Players must navigate this maze game using the attached stylus pen, pushing open movable gateways while avoiding traps and dead ends! An innovative twist on a classic maze game, Amaze’s tricky shifting pathways change the solution path during play!

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