Single Player Games for Kids

Single Player Games for Kids

While it’s important for your child to be able to work as part of a team, it is equally as important for your child to be able to use their own skills to deduce the outcome of something, and moreover, have the confidence and belief to use their own skills whenever the occasion requires them to. What better way to harness these qualities than by introducing your children to single-player games? Whether it is completely unstructured or concentrated on learning, playtime can hold unparalleled significance when it comes to a child’s development.


Builds their Imagination and Fosters Creativity

Whilst playing, kids often devise make-belief scenarios and games in which they mimic adults, thereby using their imagination and creativity. These made-up narratives assist them in learning, thinking, and adapting in the most notional of ways. This type of thinking aids them in setting a precedent for further growth in learning and thinking as they mature.

Aids Cognitive Development

A consensus amongst experts, play whilst using single-player games aids brain development in children and positively impacts their neurological development. Consequently, this also positively influences intelligence, confidence, and ability to communicate.

Benefits to their Behaviour

Confining their play to themselves can lower a child’s level of stress, anxiety, and irritability. All the while giving them joy and enhancing their self-esteem. It enables children to be emotionally flexible, giving them a sense of responsibility and authority as they are the masters of their own play.

Gives them Independence

Allowing your child time for solitary play helps in readying them for social interactions in different situations. This is done as the child can harness a stronger sense of self and independence, aiding their creativity. Children that play alone can also learn from other social interactions they witness by observing from a distance.

Below are some examples of toys that children can use for solitary play:


Ravensburger – Eiffel Tower 226 piece 3D Jigsaw

3D Eiffel Tower

This night edition puzzle of the Eiffel Tower is truly unique. It is comprised of 216 individual pieces and once formed, the changing LED lights within it will glow the tower a warm white, blue or red color, automatically changing every so often, making it an impressive addition to your child’s room. The puzzle also comes with printed numbers on their reverse side, so the piece can be constructed numerically or by eye. To get your hands on this product, click here.

Another 3D puzzle available from the Ravensburg collection, this time, however, it is geography oriented, and once pieced together will make a Globe. Which you can find here. The perfect way to introduce your children to the world’s geography.


Usborne – Maps Activity Book

Maps Activity Book

An incredible gift for a child, this Maps Activity Book from Usborne provides a host of activities from coloring in, spotting the difference, and even puzzles, all the while educating kids on the way in which maps work. This book retails at an incredible price of €12.95.

Other books in the Usborne collection include ‘See Inside Weather and Climate’ – a brilliantly fascinating book that looks at the land, sea, and skies and breaks down where weather comes from. Another addition to the collection includes the ‘Lift the Flap – See Inside Oceans’ which provides quick links to videos online for an immersive experience. For something different, Usborne also has a book chronicling ‘Tales of Brave and Brilliant Girls from around the World’. Usborne has something for every child, making learning a fun experience.


Galt Toys Mega Marble Run – 100 Piece Construction Set

Mega Marble Run

Awaken your child’s inner engineer and make simple structures or perhaps even more complex runs for your marbles, as they can disappear inside the columns and chutes you have constructed. There are endless variations, inspiring creativity and ingenuity in your little one, so the fun doesn’t stop! Suitable for children between the ages of 4 – 8 years old.

To avail of the Mega Marble Run click here.


Crocodile Creek Above & Below Backyard Discovery

Above and Below

This is the ideal gift suited for a child’s solitary play, providing an educative, mindful experience. This 48-piece puzzle educates children on the flora and fauna that live below and above the creeks. It is environmentally friendly as the puzzle is made up of recycled materials. Suitable for those above the age of 4 years old.

To avail of the Above & Below Backyard Discovery set click here.

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