Ravensburger Zingo


  • Teaches image and vocabulary recognition, matching, memory, concentration, and social interaction
  • Kids love the Zinger!
  • Two-sided Zingo cards allow for more or less competitive gameplay
  • Voted TD Monthly Magazine Top-10 Most Wanted Games and nominated TOTY 2009 Best Toy of the Year
  • For 2 or more players, ages 4 and up

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In this fast-paced, energetic variant of Bingo, kids get a kick out of pulling the Zinger forward to reveal two mystery tiles, and then try to be the first to call out the tiles that match the images on their cards. The first player to fill his or her card wins by yelling “Zingo.” Two levels of play add zing to the competition. 4 years & up. Zingo is a simple Bingo-style game, with a fancy plastic tile dispenser that kids just LOVE! Everyone who knows Zingo loves it, kids and parents alike. To play, players try to fill their Zingo! cards with matching tiles from the Zingo Zinger. The first player to fill his/her card wins! Rules can be adjusted to favor more or less competition among players, and to vary the length of time that each game takes to play.


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