Orchard Toys Party, Party, Party Board Game


  • The perfect party board game
  • Features fun 3D rucksacks
  • Suitable for ages 4-8
  • Suitable for 2-4 players

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Come on everyone, get the party started! In this unique board game, race to fill your rucksack with accessories and be the first to join your friends on the dance floor.

Make your way around the edge of the board collecting fun items for your 3D rucksack, including bubbles, balloons, cameras and stickers. Once you have the correct number of items and have collected a present you can then race to the middle of the board to join your friends on the dance floor. However, watch out for dropped rucksack spaces, which can cause you to lose an item!

Children will enjoy piecing together the jigged party board before they’ve even started playing, and will love filling their fun 3D rucksacks with party items and presents!


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