Klutz Race Cars


Klutz Race Cars

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Klutz Race Cars

The ultimate kit for LEGO fans and car enthusiasts alike!

Assemble a high-quality chipboard track to set the scene for your LEGO derby, then build 10 LEGO race cars with step-by-step instructions and pit them against each other. Who will win? The Phoenix ”77, Winged Chariot, El Scorpio, or perhaps even a souped-up build you’ve customized yourself? Fun, non-fiction content highlights the coolest, fastest, and weirdest cars to ever exist. (Do you know the differences between NASCAR and Formula One? Did you know there’s a car that runs on coffee?!) Learn aerodynamic tips and tricks to put physics into action, with this playful STEM kit that lets your build, rebuild, and experiment to create the best car in your LEGO collection!


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