Keeping the Kids Busy at Home

Keeping the Kids Busy at Home

Parents are always looking for new ways to entertain their children, perhaps even more so in these past 18 months as the country fluctuated in and out of lockdown. In times like these, it’s essential that kids are occupied in a combination of ways that allow them to enjoy themselves as well as stimulate their minds and absorb new skills.

At The Toy Shop, we have devised a list of fun and engaging ways to keep your kids busy at home. They consist of a mix of indoor and outdoor games and activities, including STEM games which develop children’s skills for future success. The trend of grouping Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths together emerged in the early 2000s and it has been shown that it can help grow children’s awareness in fields such as robotics, computers, and the natural sciences.

Now more than ever, STEM activities should be especially pertinent as there has been plenty of time missed that could have been spent in the classroom. Here are a few that your kids can play both indoor and outdoor throughout the summer:

Melissa & Doug – Wooden Word Bench

Wooden Bench

This wooden workbench by Melissa and Doug is just the right size for little builders and includes a functioning vice, tool rack, wooden tools, hardware, and a storage shelf. There are also some ideas to help spark your child’s imagination to create whatever they want. To avail of the Wooden Work Bench for your little ones, click here.


Galt – Giant Science Lab

Giant Science Lab

The Giant Science Lab is an exciting kit for young scientists that includes a lab coat, play goggles, and a 52-page full-color Lab book. It has thirty interesting experiments that encourage early STEM learning and scientific thinking while still having fun. Kids can also explore chemistry by powering a clock with an apple, investigate biology by examining their fingerprints and discover fascinating physics using mysterious magnets.

What better way to keep the kids busy at home than with a Giant Science Lab?


Klutz Maker Lab – Air Blast Cannon

Air Blast Cannon

With this Air Blast Cannon, you can construct a moveable air-powered cannon and fire away at the included targets. Kids can explore the physics of projectiles, the mechanics of pneumatics, and how they work in everyday machines like bicycle pumps. The clear instructions take out the intimidation factor of making the cannon and all the while promoting the STEM aspects of the toy. This is available for as little as €18.95, to get yours, click here.


Think Fun – Rush Hour Junior  

Rush Hour Junior

With over ten million copies of this game sold worldwide, the Rush Hour Jr game is the junior version of the world-famous shift-blocking car game. The challenge has 40 levels of brainteaser challenges and are a fun way to let your child build problem-solving skills for both the young and old. To get yours today, click here.


Klutz Jr. – Simple Sewing

Simple Sewing

This Simple Sewing set is perfect for children aged 4 and above, and as part of both our STEM and developmental toy range, it features specially designed plastic needles safe for small hands. Little makers will start by practicing on two cardstock practice projects and then use pre-cut and pre-punched felt that kids can make up to three projects from. They can make a pizza pouch, a cookie keychain, and a cupcake plushy. Whatsmore, it is a fun way to build fine motor skills, whilst learning a life skill in sewing that will serve them as they continue to grow. To find the ‘My Simple Sewing’ kit, click here.


Klutz Jr. – My Fantastic Foam

My Fantastic Foam

Another ideal toy from the makers of Klutz is this Fantastic Foam craft kit that allows children to create colorful works of art with simple step-by-step instructions so they can build pets, people, and more with over 200 fun foam shapes. The kit includes a sketch pad full of removable pages which make it easy for little hands to layer the foam and decorations with ease – simply pour out the foam pieces and open the glue to let the fun foam begin. Available for a reasonable price of just €12.50.

To get yours, click here.

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