Entertaining Your Kids This Summer

Entertaining Your Kids This Summer

It can be tough to come up with different ideas to keep your kids entertained all Summer long with fun things to do. We have come up with a list of fun activities that can be a great addition to your Summer break. Check them out below 👇


1. Malahide Walks & Playground

Malahide castle has so many different trails to walk around as a nice family outing. There is a playground available for kids and a lovely Avoca coffee shop for the adults! There is also a lot of open space to play and maybe bring your own picnic too. 

malahide castle


2. Outdoor Adventure Centres

Outdoor adventure centres are great for family days out and to ensure your kids will have endless fun playing a broad range of both land and water activities. There are so many different activity centres across Dublin to choose from. 

activity centre


3. Water Parks

Water parks are the perfect Summer activity for kids. It’s always a fun experience to go with family and friends for a day out. Some water parks we recommend are Baysports and Clara Lara

water park


4. Mini Golf

Mini golf is a fun game for kids and adults to play together. It is a great activity to connect with your kids and an enjoyable sport to learn.

mini golf


5. Plan a Beach Day

The beach is always a fun Summer day out. Plan a picnic, go swimming and build sandcastles all day long. Bring a ball and other beach games to keep your kids entertained. End the day with some ice cream and your kids will be happy out.


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