5 Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Kids This Summer

5 Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Kids This Summer

Now that school term time has ended and the weather continues to improve, here at The Toy Shop we thought we’d compile a list of the top 5 outdoor activities to do with your kids this summer in Ireland. The following list looks at some days out which require a little more planning and organization than your typical day at the zoo, but if done right can create memories between you and your children that last a lifetime!

1. Climbing Wall

Climbing walls provide both a safe and fun way to try rock climbing or bouldering. There are indoor walls located across the country which can be a great option if the weather isn’t cooperating. There are kids play areas available in most locations as well as higher walls for the bigger kids. Climbing walls provide a great opportunity for the whole family to face their fears or can serve as a great way for a bit of a friendly competition, as siblings and parents race to the top!

2. Zip It

Children from the age of 7 and up are more than welcome to traverse through thick trees on any of ZipIt’s courses across the country. With ropes rising up to 20 metres off the ground, adrenaline and fun are guaranteed for the whole family as they fly through the trees on aerial zip line courses.


3. Adventures Centres

There are numerous adventure centres across the country that offer a wide range of activities sure to entertain both you and the kids for hours on end! Activities can be both on land or in the water and include canoeing, abseiling, kayaking, footgolf and frisbee disc golf to name a few.

4. Crazy Golf

With courses all over the country, crazy golf can be a brilliant way for you to have fun and connect with your kids. Navigate your way through tough and testing courses teeming with obstacles.

Mini Golf
5. Malahide Walks

Situated in North County Dublin the seaside village of Malahide has an abundance of coastal and inland routes for fun walking and serious walking. Whether you are looking for a family stroll or a more challenging walk, all the trails are suitable for either and interlinked at points so they are easy to combine for those looking to expel more energy.

Malahide Castle

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