5 Mindfulness Activities for Kids

5 Mindfulness Activities for Kids

Children of all ages can benefit from mindfulness as it is important to practice gratitude, positivity and being in the present moment. We have compiled a list of 5 activities to help you to exercise mindfulness with your children at home. Check them out below 👇

1. Arts & Crafts 

Colouring is a mindfulness activity that allows your child to express their creativity and it is a peaceful exercise to engage with. It is a great way to wind down after playing outside and can help your child develop their motor skills and enhance their hand-eye coordination. We have a wide variety of arts and crafts available for children of all ages here.

2. Meditation 

Meditation has so many benefits for your child’s well-being as well as offering a sense of calmness, relaxation and peace. Meditation is excellent to train children’s awareness and attention skills. Check out the video below for a 5 minute meditation for your kids. It is a great way to wind down before bedtime.

3. Yoga 

Yoga is a great activity to practice mindfulness with your children, however, it also has many other benefits. It can help manage anxiety, boost self-esteem and help to develop their strength and flexibility. It can also enhance their concentration and memory. Check out the video below to try out some yoga exercises with your children. 

4. Breathing Exercises

Doing breathing exercises with your children has so many benefits such as decreasing stress, reducing anxiety, helping to stay calm, strengthening sustained attention, improving the ability to focus and learn, lowers blood pressure, and it can help to control children’s emotions. Check out the breathing exercise video below.

5. Music

Music is a great mindfulness activity. Whether it’s playing an instrument or just listening to music, there are so many benefits such as enhancing creativity, improving focus and boosting positivity. A great activity is to create feel good playlists for your kids to listen to fun music that they enjoy. 

Mindfulness activities have so many benefits for children and it is a great addition to add to your daily routine. Mindfulness is a powerful skill for children to learn as it helps them to cope with challenges and their emotions. 

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